The American Rangers is a Roman Catholic organization.  To have the Catholic Faith at the heart of all its endeavors, only Catholic men in good standing with the Church may start American Ranger Patrols.

Each Patrol must have a letter of recommendation from a Catholic priest.  Each Patrol is also encouraged to have a Catholic priest or deacon as a Chaplain.  In addition, each American Ranger Patrol must fully comply with the appropriate policies of the host (arch) diocese, parish or religious institute.

Declaration of Religious Principle

To demonstrate the American Rangers’ strenuous adherence to Catholicity as a core essence, the Rangers Declaration of Religious Principle states:

“The American Rangers Catholic Youth Ministry seeks to form young men in principles that reflect the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who as the Savior of all human beings loves us beyond our most fervent hopes and Whom we strive to love ever more.  We hold that the teachings of Jesus Christ come down to us through the Holy Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, including the Holy Scriptures transmitted to us by the Church. We hold that the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are sure guides to the formation of true men, to their salvation, and to their attainment of eternal life in joy with God.  We find those teachings in the documents disseminated throughout history by the teaching office of the Church, and we hold that a comprehensive summary of those teachings is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) published in 1992 & 1994.”