Boys and men of any creed, race and socioeconomic background who agree to live according to the standards of the American Rangers Guiding Principles, Oath and Creed are invited to be members of the American Rangers Catholic Youth Ministry.

Membership is granted to adults and youth who agree not to engage in or promote behavior contrary to the Guiding Principles.

Membership in the program has both youth and adult elements.

Ranger (Boys) candidates must:

  • Be a biological male at least six years of age, but not yet 19 years of age.  Upon reaching the age of 19, Rangers may become Adult Leaders (Assistant Guides) with approval from Patrol Guide.
  • Abide by the Guiding Principles
  • Complete and submit a Youth Membership Registration Form (one time only).
  • Complete and submit a Youth Emergency Information, Medical Release and Liability Waiver (updated annually).
  • Pay the annual Participation Fee.
  • Purchase and wear the American Rangers Uniform (green shirt, khaki cargo pants and hat of the appropriate rank).

Guide (Fathers/Adult Leaders) applicants must:

  • Be a biological male at least 25 years of age (19 for Assistant Guides).
  • Formally agree to abide by the Guiding Principles.
  • Complete and submit the Adult Volunteer Registration Form.
  • Complete Youth Protection Training and sign the Ethical Code of Conduct.
  • Purchase and wear the Guide Uniform (grey shirt, khaki cargo pants, black hat).
  • As an important note, all men with sons in the American Rangers program are expected to serve as Guides, and participate fully in the program and development of their boys.  This is truly a father-lead/guided endeavor.

Drop us a line, and let us know that you and your son are interested in beginning your Rangers journey. Include your Name, City, State and Contact info.