Ranger Creed


As an American Ranger, I promise to:

Imitate Christ, serve others and appreciate everything God has given me.

Work hard, pray harder, and keep my mind and body pure and strong.

Invest my time, talents, energy and materials wisely – be resourceful.

Learn everything I can, strive for knowledge and search for truth.

Live as an example to others, and always be polite, kind, generous and compassionate.

Be a leader – accountable for my actions and reliable in all situations.

Ensure I am always presentable in appearance – clean, neat and well-groomed.

Respect others, be obedient to my parents and those in authority, and be courteous to all.

Embrace each challenge with perseverance and determination.

Always tell the truth, keep my promises and remain loyal to God, family and country.

Defend the honor of women, and care for those who can’t care for themselves.

Yield my will to God – undertaking my journey with a humble heart and an open mind.