The gauntlet


The Gauntlet is a rite of passage.  A symbolic journey into adulthood, and all the privileges and responsibilities assigned to that status.

In a world preoccupied with weakness and the emasculation of men, few such rites of passage still exist.  Our sons typically enter the cultural fray without a final test or formal recognition of their journey and transition into manhood.

A 1st Class Ranger who is at least 16 years of age, has served as a 1st Class Ranger for at least one year, and is deemed ready to be tested - physically, mentally and emotionally - shall undertake the Gauntlet.  

For 24 straight hours, the Ranger will be tested to the limits in a field environment. Successful completion results in award of the Chief Ranger rank, the black Guide hat and the vaunted Ranger Dagger.

NOTE: To protect the integrity and exclusive nature of the Gauntlet, additional information and preparation guidance is provided to Rangers only upon their nomination as Gauntlet Candidates.


Class 2015-1


Christopher DeWilde, Kellen Kenney,

Adam Schmitz, Aodhan La Croix

Class 2016-1


Anthony Thomas, Vincent Cortese, 

Greg Grizzle, Stephen Kenney, 

Nathaniel Kahre, Ethan Grunwald,

Jonathan McCullough

Class 2018-1


Wolfgang Davidson, Harrison Wiswall,

Joseph McCullough, Hayden Wiswall

Brak Welby