Start A Patrol

The process of starting an American Rangers Patrol is designed to be simple and non-labor intensive.

American Rangers Patrols may be sponsored and chartered by a Parish of the Catholic Church, a core group of private Catholic individuals, or even a single family.  It should be noted that Parish sponsorship is typically associated with additional resources, existing insurance coverage, ease-of-access to facilities, etc.

The Charter to operate the Patrol is only granted to Catholic applicants who are in good standing with the Church, agree to abide by the Guiding Principles of the American Rangers and are recommended by a Catholic priest.

The Chartering Process


Each Parish, private group or family seeking charter will designate a Patrol Chartering Representative (PCR).  The PCR begins the process by contacting the American Rangers National Office.  


The American Rangers National Office will send the PCR a Charter Request package.  Upon receipt of the Charter Request package, the PCR – in concert with the Pastor and/or other interested members (known as the Patrol Leadership Team) – must, at a minimum, select a Patrol Guide and Youth Protection Agent (YPA).  Typically, the PCR transitions into the position of Patrol Guide (at least initially).


The Patrol Leadership Team continues the process of selecting additional Patrol Adult Leaders (Guides) based on perceived needs, and individual skills and talents.  In small Patrols, the same member may hold multiple positions simultaneously.  Other recommended positions include a Chaplain and Assistant Patrol Guide.  The Patrol Leadership Team also assists in standing up the Patrol and managing its initial activities.


Upon receipt of the completed Charter Request package, the American Rangers Director will contact the PCR (and the Patrol Leadership Team) for an interview.  Based on location, the interview may be conducted by phone or in-person.  Formal approval will be sent to the PCR along with the Patrol Charter, Patrol Guidon and additional start-up resources.


Upon receipt of the Patrol approval and Charter, the Patrol Guide invites interested youth and their families to an American Rangers informational meeting.  At this meeting, the Patrol Guide and Patrol Leadership Team introduce themselves and discuss the program.  Ideally, interested participants sign registration forms and waivers, submit participation fees and become members at the meeting.   


The Patrol commences operations with a combined Patrol Commissioning Ceremony and Ranger Initiation Program (RIP) for all Ranger Candidates.


Annually, the Patrol Guide and Patrol Leadership Team must see to the renewal of the Patrol’s Charter and payment of fees to the National Office of the American Rangers.  The Youth Protection Agent must submit annually (included with the request for Charter Renewal) an updated list of adults over the age of 18 who work with the Patrol’s youth, and provide verification that all adults have received Protecting God’s Children™ training (or the equivalent) and are in compliance with (arch) diocesan youth protection requirements.

Get Started!

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