The Ranger uniform is intended to be simple, functional (utilitarian) and rugged (manly) in appearance.  All levels (including Guides and Assistant Guides) wear the same style of uniform.  The only difference in normal uniform wear is the headgear.

  • Hat/Cover:  Similar to the belt structure in many martial arts and symbolic of a transformational journey, the Ranger hat/cover starts out light and gets darker as a boy progresses through the rank structure – Khaki Hat (3rd Class Rangers); Red Hat (2nd Class Rangers); Blue Hat (1st Class Rangers); Black Hat (Adult Guides and Chief Rangers having passed the Gauntlet).
  • Uniform Shirt:  All Rangers wear a short-sleeved, green t-shirt with the Rangers Emblem. Guides (fathers and male mentors) wear a grey t-shirt with the Rangers Emblem.
  • Pants:  Rangers and Guides wear khaki cargo pants with a khaki/tan web belt and hiking boots.
  • Walking Staff:  Initial issue item (typically after the RIP) and personalized by each Ranger.
  • Practice Rope:  Carried at all times in left cargo pocket to practice primary knots.
  • Ranger Rosary/Pace Counter:  Carried at all times to provide spiritual strength and assist the Ranger in keeping track of the physical distance traveled on his journey.